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Beautiful Sunday in Blagoevgrad

Beautiful Sunday in Blagoevgrad

Another lazy Sunday in Blagoevgrad.Finals week is coming yet no one seems to be ready for the upcoming tests and projects at all.We just want to enjoy the sunny weather and prepare for another amazing,full with great memories summer.Almost everyone got their Visas and we’re ready to go and meet new people.Sadly this is my Final Blog Post for this class.I won’t deny that at first I thought this would be just another mandatory journalistic course I won’t need.However I found out that this class is mandatory for any profession one wishes to deal with.Communication with people is one of the most important things in order to be successful.MMJ taught me how to communicate with people effectively and extract the information I need from them.My first difficulty came when I was supposed to choose a theme for the blog.Since that day I never knew my true passion for the movie industry.Ever since I was little films had a great influence on me and many of them taught me the most important lessons one has to know and follow in life.Many people underestimate the power of movies,but I hope that after reading my posts their opinions changed.

I am so grateful I chose this topic,because not only did I learn about movies I haven’t watched before,but I also got to know people in a more deep manner.They may not realize that the films they pointed out shaped who they are and how they act and think,but I did see it and was fascinated how powerful movies can be and how they affect us.



My first victim was prof.John Rodrigue who shared with me his life-changing movies.I have already had him as a professor,but after interviewing him I realized that the image I have built in my mind wasn’t even close enough with the reality.The films he told me about crashed some of his dreams and showed him the reality and cruelty of the world.The films he began watching as a child,still pop up in his mind and he still remembers the lessons they taught him.


“For me it was not just what the movie said,but when it said it to me in my life”

After that I decided to make an experiment and talk with one of my closest friends about her influential movies.She has always been straightforward in her decisions and opinions,so I was expecting to hear a bunch of movies which had little or no effect on her at all.Well,guess what?I was wrong…again.The 3 movies Niya favors changed her life during different stages.”Alice in Wonderland” showed her that everyone loses his way sometimes.”The Time Machine” taught her that there are things we cannot change.We just need to learn to live with them.The last movie made her end her 2 year relationship and move on with her life.


“…the film made me realize what was the right thing to do.”

My third interviewee was my strangest friend(I say that in a good way).She was always different.Not only in her lifestyle,but in her choices,opinions and ways of acting and thinking about things.Mariya shocked me with her film preferences,because some of them were way too powerful for me to handle.A documentary about a celebrity’s life showed her that money and fame are not all and sometimes can end up taking our life away.”The Hours” pointed out the great power of literature and true meaning of words.


“That movie reveals the great power of literature and how it influences people. After watching it and seeing how words can be one of the most powerful tools in the world I can say that the film left a print on me which will last for a lifetime”.

Video shooting really is fun and I learned this skill in this class by making a 5 shot video on Bubble Tea.Check it out by clicking on the words upwards.

Mariela Naydenova is a super busy person.That’s why I wanted to interview her and see whether or not she has time to look deeper into the movies she watches and gain some knowledge from them.Her most beloved films taught her that everything in life happens for a reason.There are no random things.We should be open to new experiences and be able to learn something from every situation.According to Mariela films can teach us that goodness always wins irrespective of injustice.


“Being smart and planning can always get you out of a situation. Real passion can be mistaken for obsession. And people should be able to see the harm of their true desires”

My midterm post was supposed to cover a recent news story connected to my blog theme.Well,at this time two major events occurred in the movie industry-The Oscars and the premiere of “Fifty Shades Of Grey”.Since not many people can give their opinion on the Academy Awards,I decided to go and figure out how people saw the new sex movie.Elena Samardjieva prepared herself in advance before going to see the film.She enjoyed the books,but the film disappointed her.

Elena Samardjieva

“Personally, I would recommend the book,because it has an interesting point of view on relationships.However I don’t think the movie displayed that”

One of my colleagues shared with me his favorite movies.Ivan has a different perspective when it comes to films.They didn’t shape the person he is today,but showed him the person he should be in the future.The stop motion movies impressed him with their design,costumes,make-up and sound effects.They made him pursue his dreams and become a graphic designer.Ivan’s story taught me that sometimes movies don’t shape your life and behavior,but your future.


“Stop motion movies are true magic – silicone puppets with metal armatures become real actors with characters”.

The MMJ class taught me how to use Storify and Thinglink and create stories from pictures,tweets,news etc.I decided to create a story for “Fast and Furious 7” and pay my respects to Paul Walker.

Veska shared with me that one has to love himself firstly and think for he’s own good and prosperity.Your priorities and desires should always come first.Believing in yourself and having faith will never betray you.Also we should never sacrifice too much even if its for the love of our lives.


“One should never make big sacrifices for the one he loves,because nothing is certain. Love doesn’t always win as many movies say it does”.

After Veska I decided to do another experiment and interview her twin brother.Stoyan is a true movie lover.He always enjoys watching movies and has strong preferences when it comes to different genres.The thing which fascinated me most was the fact that the movies he told me about didn’t seem influential at all.After he told me why and how they influenced him I realized that different people interpret different things differently.

Stoyan and his twin sister

“The Dark Knight taught me that you can’t win every time and that when you lose you suck it up and move along. I have accepted that not everything in life is fair and sometimes you cannot overcome your enemy no matter how hard you try.”

I saved the most curious article for the very end.I decided to share with you my influential movies.While writing the post different emotions popped up every time I thought of the movies.It was just like rethinking and reorganizing the lesson taught me.After I was finished I realized that many of the “rules” I was supposed to implement in my life were too hard.Hiding my emotions,like Gatsby is the hardest part.Nevertheless I will not stop trying and hopefully one day I will become a mix of my favorite movies.It may seem silly to you now,but go back and take a look at my older posts.All of them reveal parts of the people and bring up strong emotions in them.WATCH THE THINGS I LEARNED FROM THE PEOPLE I INTERVIEWED BELOW:

The power of movies cannot be measured.There are some films which may lack sense to us,but be of great importance to others.That’s just the way it is.Our emotions are things we are least likely to control.

Anyways this is the end of this blog guys.I really hope you enjoyed reading the posts and saw that I was right-Movies do influence us in a huge way.They may shape who we are today or shape our future selves.Don’t stop dreaming and fight for what you believe.Last,but not least-always love yourself first. 🙂



Story of my life…

Hello dear readers! 🙂

It’s been quite a long time since my last post.Time passes away so quickly,doesn’t it?Bad and good come to our lives and no matter how hard we try to avoid the unpleasant events it’s pointless.Some people say time is the cure for everything.I find it true.My journey with this blog is coming to an end.So many things have happened to me and all of you during those 14 weeks.And remember if something goes wrong and hurts you,just let it go. 🙂


I myself have went through good and bad,met people who hurt me a lot,but I always manage to let them go quickly.That’s why I decided to make this post about me and my influential movies.My list is too big to catch them all,but I have chosen the ones which helped me pass through the rough times and taught me that life is all about fighting for yourself and your beliefs.

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The “Harry Potter” films are the ones with which I grew up with.From the very beginning till the very end I have been a part of Harry’s journey and learned many lessons from him.He wasn’t one of the lucky kids,because he had to live without parental cares.Ever since he was born,his fate has already been decided.Many people wouldn’t be able to shape their personalities and fight without their relatives standing behind them.I myself won’t be able to do that.Nevertheless,he found his family in the eyes of Ron and Harmoine,who stood right by his side in every situation.

“It’s hard to find such loyal friends nowadays”

Mr. Potter’s mission was way too big and complicated for a child.However he showed to all of us that we can all reach the stars and make our dreams come true,no matter how big they are.Harry taught me that the person who I see in the mirror is the only one I should trust.I had to learn it the hard way,but now I know better.People may not always help you and believe in you.That doesn’t matter.You just need to believe in yourself.

“Happy endings do happen.We just need to write them the right way”

I can write more things for “Harry Potter”,but I prefer to keep them for myself.I know that almost all of you have watched the movies and can take their own lessons.

The next movies is “The Notebook”. I always cry my eyes out when I watch it.And to those who think it’s just another romantic bullshit…Just rethink your movie preferences and watch it carefully.The movie follows the story of the lives of a woman and a man who fall in love at a very young age.They are from different social classes,so you can imagine how hard it was for them.But they didn’t give up till the very end.The fought for each other and taught us that in the face of true love,you don’t just give up.

“If you want it,then fight for it”

The movie shows the reality.It doesn’t end like most films.After seeing it,I learned that falling in love with someone isn’t a choice we make,it just happens.It may make us happy or destroy us completely.In both cases our strongest emotions are involved.

“The line between love and hate can be broken so easily…”

“The Great Gatsby” is my latest fascination.The film’s plot can teach us so many things.Mr. Gatsby doesn’t reveal himself during the first part of the film.However he organizes parties for everyone and doesn’t pray for appraisal later.Money and power didn’t change who he was,who he loved and how he acted.

“The other thing I admire about him is that he never showed his fragile part”

He was always smiling,full with confidence and satisfaction.Very few people can manage to do that.The one thing which somehow melted his heart of course was love.Even though the love of his life was living near his house and went to many of his parties,Gatsby never had the guts to go and talk to her.Her happiness and calm life was above his.In the end of course there is tragedy.Gatsby is killed in his own house,while he’s waiting for his beloved one to call him.

“He died in calmness.Waiting and waiting for her to come and love him the way he wanted”

See my story here:

Well guys,now you know my favorite movies.One day I want to meet a person like Gatsby or try to be like him.I also want to have Harry’s friend family right beside me when I need them and find someone who can love me just like Noah loved Allie in “The Notebook”. Putting together those three movies,I can say that one will have it all.However we can’t have everything we want.That’s just the way it is.We can only try to be more like the people we admire and try not to forget where we came from.I hope that you learned something from all of my posts.The human soul is the most fragile part of ourselves.The thing we can do in order to survive in today’s world is hide it,just like Mr. Gatsby.Everyone thought that he was happy and satisfied,but no one even imagined what was going on the inside.


Break the rules in order to succeed ….

Hello my darlings,

With Easter coming all of us seem to be in a rush.Papers,deadlines,presentations etc. have arrived.Most students took part in “The Long Night Against Procrastination” this  weekend,so they can work on their projects with the help of tutors from the university.People are thrilled and excited about the upcoming vacation.I don’t know about you,but I am so grateful that “Fast and Furious 7” has finally arrived in cinemas.The last ride of our beloved Paul Walker is being screened a couple of times per day in theaters.However this is not the only movie we are going to discuss now.

This week Stoyan Velev,who is a student at “South-West University” in Blagoevgrad shared with me his life-changing movies.Stoyan watches films on a daily basis.He doesn’t have any strong preferences on genres.

“Every film genre has something good to offer”

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“The Big Lebowski” is his favorite comedy film. The movie revolves around Jeffery Lebowski or “The Dude”,a man who has a very lazy lifestyle ,until one day his house is broken into by two angry gangsters who have mistaken him for Jeffery Lebowski the millionaire whose wife owes some bad people money .The Dude becomes entangled in a kidnapping plot when he goes to visit the other Lebowski in order to seek retribution for his house. What follows next takes The Dude and his bowling buddies Walter and Donnie on a weird road of pornography, kidnapping and intrigue… And they call that a comedy. 😀 It sounds more like a mix of drama and crime.Seems like the producers have done their job well.Stoyan depicts the movie as classic.The fans even created a religion based on the protagonist called “The Dudeism”.

“This movie showed me that you don’t need money or power to be happy that sometimes you need to take it slow live day by day go with the flow and that you should not worry about the small stuff.”

The next film affected my interviewee and shaped his views on how to achieve his goals and succeed in life.“The Raid 2” is his favorite action movie. For this movie one doesn’t need to watch the first part to fully enjoy the second. The story is about a police officer who goes undercover and plans to bring down the criminal organizations in his town. The police plan to send Rama (the main character) in prison and have him try to earn the trust of the crime bosses son Uco. After Rama saves him in prison he earns his trust. When Rama gets out of prison Uco introduces him to his father and their organization.According to Stoyan,this is a must watch movie.The fighting and bloody scenes keep you on the edge of your seat.One can just sit back and enjoy the action.

“In a way this movie has changed my life because after watching it I realized how much some people are willing to break the rules in order to achieve their goal. I learned that sometimes it is necessary to take a chance.”

In his opinion “The Dark Knight” is perfect in every way. It is not the stereotypical super hero movie when you know that at the end there is a happy ending and that the hero defeats the villain. This movie is dark and gritty. It does not have a happy ending like many of its kind. The story puts Batman against his greatest enemy The Joker in a battle for Gotham city.Stoyan liked the movie because it was focused more on the villain. The joker had such an impact on the story,every time he was on the screen one knew that something terrifying was going to happen.People could never anticipate what could happen or understand why he was doing the things he did. Even at the end when Batman stops him,the Joker starts laughing because he knows that he won in turning Gotham against Batman.

“The Dark Knight taught me that you can’t win every time and that when you lose you suck it up and move along. I have accepted that not everything in life is fair and sometimes you cannot overcome your enemy no matter how hard you try.”

See Stoyan’s comments on the movies below:

And now see other people’s opinions on the films by clicking on the arrows:

We can all see that even comedies and action movies can teach us a lesson,we just need to focus and concentrate while watching them.Every week I learn something new about people and get to know them just by asking about their favorite movie productions.I recommend watching all the three films pointed by Stoyan and making a comparison between his point of view and yours.And now please go and watch FF7,its’ worth it.Let’s pay our respects to Paul.




Ride or Die…

Hello dear readers,

Today we’re doing something different and fun in our MMJ class.We are using Storify to create a story,constructed by different tweets,articles,videos etc.of our subject.We also started using ThingLink.It’s basically putting different stories or videos in a single picture.It’s fun and you can learn a lot of things from just one picture.Since “Fast and Furious 7” is coming in theaters soon,I decided to build a story upon the movie and to remind you of Paul Walker,who played in the previous parts of the movie.He was a great actor who deserves our respect.Click below and check what I’ve done. 🙂

I’ve been living in a lie for so long…

Good afternoon dear reader, sunny yet windy morning in Bulgaria.I am still hoping that spring is coming soon.As surfing through the net a very interesting quote popped up.”All of our dreams can come true,if we have the courage to pursue them”. Can you guess who told us that?It’s the man who brought all of the fairy tales to life- Walt Disney.Maybe his dreams were to picture the characters in tales and visualize them for us.Well,we can say that he made his dreams come true.If he can do it,we can all do it. 🙂 …And now back to my blog.This week I’m interviewing my very best friend.She has been right behind me through bad and good.I spent my entire childhood sharing the best moments in my life with her.Although I can say that I know her quite well,the movies she described as her favorites surprised me a lot.They are an interesting mix of drama,adventure films and family serials.Each of the movies below taught Veska something.She is a student at Sofia University majoring in European Studies.Films cannot catch her attention as strongly as books.

“Films never seem to catch my attention.Books however are my true passion”

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The first film which revealed the reality in front of her eyes was “The Pianist”. The drama follows the story of a pianist who is trying to survive World War 2.Before seeing the movie,Veska had read about the war only in her high-school books and heard about it from her teachers.After watching it she realized that she knew nothing about this period.Her perceptions have been completely falsified.The film pictured the real terror and horror people had to go through.

“I cried like a little child.I cannot believe that I’ve been living in a lie for so long”.

The next movie is not one,but 4.Most of us know them well since they are quite popular.“Pirates of the Caribbean” is a set of films she always enjoy watching.Veska depicts herself as an adventurous person and that’s why the movies fascinate her.Besides the plot is very interesting and follows the adventures and lives of people from different social classes.

“Jack Sparrow taught me that one should always listen to his inner voices and have faith in himself”.

The serial movie “Empire” is her latest passion.It follows the story of an African American family which started from the bottom and climbed all the way to the top. The lady went to jail in order to help her husband continue his career as a singer and raise their children with the money earned.However when she gets out of jail, she finds out that another woman has taken her place in the family and in the company.Now she has to fight to get back in her children’s lives.

“One should never make big sacrifices for the one he loves,because nothing is certain. Love doesn’t always win as many movies say it does”.

Don’t give up on love yet.However we can all learn something useful from those quotes.One should love himself first and never put his desires and needs in the background.Taking care of yourself and thinking about your own good when making decisions is the best thing you can do! Watch Veska’s whole story in the video below:
I will see you next week.Just a reminder: Follow me on Twitter and like my FB page for more details and updates!
I completely forgot about Pirates of The Caribbean 5.It’s coming in cinemas soon.I composed a little story about it.Check it out here.
x0x0 Mariya

A different perspective on movies…

Hello,my dear reader!The days are getting bigger and the sun is starting to shine and warm us.Spring has officially arrived!Hooray 🙂 As I’m sitting at home with a cup of tea in my hand,I’m starting to think that this blog has revealed the changes and secrets of many people through discussing their favorite movies.It’s interesting how much we can learn for others just by asking them to point out the films they find most influential.

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This week I’m interviewing one of my colleagues who is writing a blog about Tech Addicts.You can check it here.His name is Ivan and he is a junior majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems and minoring in Journalism.Ivan has always been interested in design.That’s why I decided to interview him.His most influential movies are not like the ones we already saw in my other posts.He has a different perspective when it comes to his favorite film productions.But before making any comments or suggestions,lets take a look at Ivan’s list of influential movies.

The first one is called “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events”. The plot of the movie follows the story of three orphans,under the custody of their evil cousin who is planning to take their inheritance.Ivan saw the film as one of the fairy tales we read during our youth.It was the first surreal production which grabbed his attention.Furthermore it has won Academy Awards for best achievement in makeup,art design and costumes.Those things fascinated him most.

“I liked to see a depiction of the world I had already met in the books with the same name”.

The Stop motion movies are his second choice.All of them seem to grab his attention.Before telling me his favorite films from this genre,Ivan explained what Stop motion really meant.It’s an animation technique which manipulates an object or persona to appear as moving.It’s an illusion created from pictures.Movies such as “The Nightmare Before Christmas“,”Corpse Bride” and “Coraline” are some of the names he depicts as his top.The thing which amazed Ivan so much was the time it takes to make those types of movies.It usually takes 3-4 years to produce one of these.People who work behind the scenes and make “the magic” happen are design professionals who know how to make everything perfect.This movie genre made my interviewee so interested in design.

“Stop motion movies are true magic – silicone puppets with metal armatures become real actors with characters”.

The third group of movies which continued building Ivan’s curiosity about design and computer graphics are:Tron-Legacy,Oblivion,Gravity and Interstellar.All of these changed his aesthetic perceptions of things and shaped his design views.The beautiful graphics and scenes,made with computer programs opened a whole new world in front of him.

“I perceive them as a nice package of both visual and audio pleasure”.

As we can all see now,Ivan doesn’t like traditional movies,nor do they influence him or change his life.His preferences are completely different from those of many other people.He gets influenced by the beautiful details and graphics in the movies,not the films themselves.They also shaped him as the person he is today and the person he’s going to be tomorrow.Ivan hopes that one day he will be the one staying behind the scenes,making things happen.

We all hope that,don’t we.That’s about it for this week folks.But don’t you worry,a new post is coming next week.In the meantime follow me on Twitter and like my FB page.

x0x0 Mariya

The end of dreams,relationships,lives and beginning of new experiences

Hello,dear reader! Half of the semester has passed away and it’s still snowing here in Bulgaria. Can you believe it? Mid March and still no spring. As you probably already figured out half of my blog journey has also passed away.So let’s sum up what we know already and which movies are mentioned as most influential so far.

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During the first week of my experience as a young journalist I met one of the professors from the Literature Department at AUBG.John Rodrigue shared with me his love for movies and how they affected his life. John pointed out that he began watching horror movies after seeing “Frankenstein” and “Dracula” when he was young. That’s why one of his favorite movies is “Audition”. The other film is a well-known comedy called “Big trouble in Little China” which always makes him laugh and brings joy to his life. Although those two haven’t affected his life in a big way, there is one movie which crashed some of his dreams and made him realize that the US wasn’t such a benevolent land after all. The film is called “Easy Rider” and it really does show the reality during the 60s in America.

” The movie itself is about the end of the illusion of the American Dream and hippie idealism at the end of the 60’s.”

My next victim was a very good friend of mine,Niya Nikolova, who has always been passionate about movies. She shared that “Alice in Wonderland” has always made her laugh and go back to childhood even today. The pureness of a child’s soul impressed her. “The Time Machine” made her realize that some things in life cannot be changed, no matter how hard we try.”Revolutionary Road” turned out to be her life-changer. By that time she was in a relationship and the after seeing the plot of the movie she realized that putting an end to it was the right thing to do for her.

“…the film made me realize what was the right thing to do”.

The movies which my third interviewee,Mariya Kehayova, pointed out scared me at first, but after watching them I saw that the things which we all desire can put an end to our lives.The documentary “Ana Nicole Smith-Her final hours” showed her that money,fame and a shiny life are not enough for one to be happy and live his/her life to the fullest.The Bulgarian movie “Zift” pictures the indivisible relationship between power and politics.”The Hours” reveals the true power of words and literature and how they affect different people in different ways.

“That movie reveals the great power of literature and how it influences people. After watching it and seeing how words can be one of the most powerful tools in the world I can say that the film left a print on me which will last for a lifetime”.

After hearing about a bunch of powerful movies and connecting them to real life,I learned how to shoot and edit a video.The method is called the five-shot video and combines five different shots into one complete movie.It was a lot of fun and I was able to work under pressure and study something new in the meantime. 🙂

My assumptions that everything happens for a reason were confirmed by Mariela Naydenova,who told me about three movies which taught her how to deal with life and overcome problems.”Meet Joe Black” made her realize that there are NO random things in our lives.Everything happens for a reason and everyone should stay open for new experiences.”The Shawshank Redemption” showed her that there are no good or bad people.Everyone can change for good and leave the past behind.I don’t know how you can learn something from “Basic Instinct”,but it seems like Mariela interpreted the movie in a different way.She told me that being smart and planning can always get you out of a situation.Ah,on second thoughts that may be considered as a valuable lesson from that film.

“Being smart and planning can always get you out of a situation. Real passion can be mistaken for obsession. And people should be able to see the harm of their true desires”

Well,after learning that I had to plan everything in advance something rather unplanned and unexpected came up.It was my Midterm post,which was a task distributed to us in class.After receiving it and reading that I had to write about a recent news story connected to my blog theme,the thing that came up to my mind was “Fifty Shades of Grey”. So I went around campus to catch people’s reactions right after the premiere of the film.Elena Samardjieva was nor pleased or disappointed after watching the movie.She had read the books in advance and didn’t expect to see something outrageous in movie theaters.When asked whether or not the movie is purely sexual,Elena tells me that it can damage teenagers’ perceptions of true love and relationships.The advice she gave to all of us was to read the books and skip the film.

“Personally, I would recommend the book,because it has an interesting point of view on relationships.However I don’t think the movie displayed that”.

Well,that’s the shortest summary of my posts I can give you for now.Of course you can click on the hyperlinks to read the full articles.From the beginning of the semester till now I can definitely say that I learned a lot of new practical things.But hey,I am not done! New posts are coming.You know that you can find updates in my FB page and my Twitter.